皇冠hg0088备用网址Dear Friends:

“You can count on me.” How do you feel when someone says this to you? Do you feel a sense of relief, joy, encouragement, or affirmation? You definitely know you’re not alone. For me, I always feel like any goal is more attainable. I guess it’s the “teamwork” concept shining through.

You may hear these words in a huddle, a foxhole, a staff meeting, or in a church. For me, I have heard it a lot lately. And the words provide a sweet sound to my ears. That’s because they are coming from alumni and alumnae who are willing to help out Maur Hill-Mount Academy.  In the past few months, I have been able to travel around the country and meet with many alums. Some of them haven’t been in contact with the school for years. As I share where we are as a school and more importantly, where we are going, nearly everyone I talk to is willing to jump in and help. That’s HUGE for the future of our school.

皇冠hg0088备用网址Alumni support and involvement is critical for a private Catholic school. When alumni provide financial gifts, offer their talents, use their connections, or spread the good news about a school, the long-term viability of the school is strengthened. It’s easier for a school to achieve its mission when it has solid backing.

Right now, Maur Hill-Mount Academy needs backing from its alumni base. Why? Because we want to make MH-MA a Catholic prep school that everyone will talk about. We want to achieve excellence in everything we do – academics, athletics, faith, reputation, and future success for our students. For that to happen, we need your involvement. We need your help in providing additional funding for families who want to send their children to us, but are unable to afford the cost of a private education.

We have just created several different giving opportunities that will help us achieve our goals. My hope is that you will be like so many others I have met with recently and say, “You can count on me.”

May God bless you and your family.

Mr. Phil Baniewicz
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